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We have prepared a unique handbook for you

Would you like to start your own trading business without employees or an office? Then why not get started with Amazon’s platform?
Here you’ll find not only a unique, practical guide to creating a long-term sales strategy, but also help with product selection and preparation for sale.
Check out our guide and then use our service.

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The first question arises:

"What is this, another marketing textbook?"

   No. Nor will there be any pathetic stories of someone else’s success. Such stories look beautiful, but they are meaningless to the reader. There is nothing there about lost money and bad decisions. And we are not going to teach you how to run a business: the book contains only clear instructions, tested on the basis of the author’s five years’ experience.


   Why don’t you waste your time on a sales course on Amazon? It is mainly the organizers make money on these courses, whereas the real business on Amazon looks quite different. You are unlikely to make any money selling the same product amongst a crowd of similarly willing sellers, competing with them on price. An English expression rat races describes this process well. Pretty soon you will get tired and frustrated. 


  Much more useful is KNOWLEDGE in the form of cautionary tales from which the careful reader will draw conclusions. The recognition of a mistake someone has already made can save a person from repeated bumps and lost money. Even if these stories are not as pathos for the author, they are true and contain practical advice on how to rectify the situation.


  We have prepared this book to protect someone from taking ill-conceived actions. Not only will you get the minimum knowledge you need to get started, but you will also get important practical tips from the author. We will tell you why the $10,000 in sales that some “gurus” boast about is negligible. And after reading the book, you can get our practical help in preparing your unique product.


  It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out on your own or as part of a large firm. It doesn’t matter how much of a budget you have. For those who are planning to start selling on Amazon, this book will save years of life spent building up experience and a lot of money spent in vain. If you are starting a business with little investment, you will have to learn new things in many areas, from management and marketing to design, photography and organising logistics. This is what this book is about.

What is the target audience for this book?

The book is intended for those who do not yet have experience in the international sales business and are not familiar with the Amazon platform. However, it will also be useful to those who have “trained” in Amazon sales courses and have already become disillusioned with selling trinkets. These transactions must have consumed a lot of time, but not brought you any profit. We will analyse what you have spent your efforts on and try to convince you that a long-term strategy can only be built on the basis of your own brand.

The book is based on the mistakes and successes of real-life businesses

If you have never worked with online sales, it may take you a long time to understand the mechanisms of online sales.
The book is intended both for users who have never worked with Amazon, and for those who would like to get to the next level. The book covers all the main factors that influence eCommerce sales: the look of your product, properly designed photos, and professional knowledge of analytics tools. And, of course, understanding how your competitors behave. We will tell you how not to waste time and build a long-term sales strategy based on your own brand from the first steps.

The book is written in language that the untrained reader can understand

The author has found that most Amazon sales books are not suitable for the average reader. They are aimed at sellers who already have experience in eCommerce or marketing. You can be an expert in your field, but an amateur in e-sales. But it is impossible to be an expert in all areas at once. That is why our book describes the most complicated things in as simple a language as possible, and each theoretical block of knowledge flows smoothly into practical ones. The book is available in three language versions: English, Russian and Polish.

What other benefits will readers get?

Help. Targeted support for beginners on the Amazon site

After reading the book, you will probably have a lot of questions. Most of them are practical, of course. If you do not have enough experience and do not fully understand whether you should start working with a particular product, we can analyse it with the help of the analytical tools available to us. For our readers, there will be a “Services” section where you can get our practical help.

We tell you about the non-obvious traps on the seller's road

On Amazon, just like in real life, you will meet a wide variety of players. Not all of them, alas, will be decent people. You will find out what kind of improprieties the author and his colleagues have encountered from competitors. And sometimes even Amazon itself can cause trouble, because its activities are not transparent at all. The author will tell you what you should never do and what rules you should follow literally.

And let's add a few more words...

“What to sell on Amazon to make money fast?” Surely someone is looking for simple answers to the questions. Imagine that there are hundreds of thousands of people sitting at their computers right this minute, looking for that product. What is in demand today will not necessarily be in demand tomorrow. Therefore, it is unlikely that the same question will be answered to everyone at once. It would be wrong for some readers to think that because a product is mentioned in a book, it can be copied and expect immediate success. To avoid unnecessary imitation, we have deliberately removed all trademarks present on Amazon – our own and others’ – even from screenshots.

From theory to practice

In the book, we go step by step through and comment on the entire journey of being a supplier to Amazon

Theory: Basic minimum knowledge

Minimum knowledge of logistics, legislation, marketing required. Terms of business on Amazon

Theory: Exploring your own product

Look closely at our product through the eyes of the customer. How do we make it attractive?

Theory: Learning analytical tools for Amazon

A peek into the depths of Amazon’s platform that the average user cannot see

Practice: Sending goods to the FBA warehouse

Getting barcodes, filling out Shipment, sorting out paperwork for accounting

Practice: Filling in the product card

Design the website showcase and adjust the text and graphic description of the product

Practice: Setting up advertising and handling feedback

Screen out unwanted customer feedback and attract positive ones. Learning how to deal with unscrupulous competitors

Opinions of our clients from various countries

We would be delighted if, after reading the book, you would also send us your comments. The author will take your feedback into account when refining future versions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Book and Online Shop

The book is intended for those who are experts in their field but want to expand into the Amazon platform. A person cannot be an expert in all areas at once, and therefore it is normal that they have to learn something from the most basic level.

If you avoid making just one mistake when organising your sales, you will have already saved yourself a lot of money. Researching and gathering the information you need for your business takes more than a day of your life. And time is our most important resource.

If an author had had such a book when he started out, he himself would have thankfully given hundreds of dollars for it.

Some of the books on the market are intended for those who already have serious experience in e-commerce. Other books repeat general advice that is difficult (if not impossible) to use in practice.

Here is an example of such “advice” I read in one such book: “Try to find a market niche where your product is special and the competition is low…”. It sounds profound, at the level of a Harvard economics professor, but how can it be put into practice? Hundreds, thousands of people are sitting at their computers at the moment, looking for such a niche! As soon as a product starts selling well, literally a month later the ubiquitous Chinese take it over.

You can’t always be a trailblazer. This is damaging and unworkable advice from a real theorist. My advice is the opposite – don’t waste your time looking for gold mines. Work where you want and try to be the better than others.

Amazon is a marketplace for simple products. You need to take an existing product and make it better than the competition. To do this, you have to learn to look at it through the eyes of the buyer, rather than live your life in search of a better market niche. This is why the author has tried to rid his book of this kind of “advice”.

The book will buy only those who are truly set up to build a long-term sales strategy and therefore need sound advice. There aren’t many people like that. Then why throw away valuable advice to people who don’t need it? This will reduce the value of the advice or lead to unnecessary competition in the marketplace.

There are currently three language versions available:

1) Russian version (we don’t care about russia):
ISBN 978-5-6044238-3-7 paperback book
ISBN 978-5-6044238-2-0 electronic version (e-book)

2) English version:

ISBN 978-83-964693-3-5 hardcover book
ISBN 978-83-964693-4-2 electronic (e-book)

3) Polish version:

ISBN 978-83-964693-5-9 electronic (e-book)

Each language version is a separate book. However, you will be able to buy books in other languages at a discount by using the promo code in the confirmation message.
Please note that the promotional code is available ONLY if you purchased the book through our website. The Apple Book Store and Amazon Kindle do not offer this option.

If you choose to use this site, you will be prompted to register when you try to enter your delivery details. Your details will only be recorded once you have logged in to link the purchase to your account.

You can pay for the book and additional services using:

  • PayPal (Visa/Mastercard accepted),
  • PayU Visa/Mastercard,
  • bank transfer.

If for some reason the system does not accept card payments in EUR, try going to <a title=”the shop in Polish version” href=””>the shop in Polish version</a> , select the product again and pay in Polish zloty. The promo codes will be valid.

There are also links on the front page of the website to Apple Book, where an electronic version of the book is available.

You will receive a proof of payment by email. If you need the original, please state this when placing your order or email us <a href=””><u></u></a>

In accordance with the law, we will accept returns of books without damage caused by use within 14 days of you receiving the goods in the post. The return procedure is as follows. The book together with the receipt or invoice must be sent to our warehouse address (you will find the sender’s address on the parcel). In addition, you will need to send an appropriate application to the Customer Service Department at the address <a href=””><u></u></a>. The application will be processed within 7 calendar days of its receipt. We will then inform you about further action.

A defective book is considered to be:

– inverted, skipped, mixed up pages;
– mirror arrangement of text or illustrations;
– incompleteness and inconsistency of the block elements;
– unsealed pages, except those provided for (“white” sheets);
– non-printing (loss of image elements), “pale printing”, double printing;
– gluing of pages and damage to text or illustrations when opening;
— the cut edge of the text or illustrations on the strip (“cut” text or illustrations);
– the text or illustrations are “gone” in the spine;
– incorrect insertion of the block into the cover, the block is inverted, the” alien ” block;
– defects in the pressing of the film (lamination), peeling and breakouts of the film.

A hidden manufacturing defect is the absence of necessary elements, as well as the presence of unnecessary unnecessary components that can cause harm, inconvenience or difficulties when using printed products.

We do not consider and do not accept claims related to a book that has traces of use, including, but not limited to, external or internal damage (scratches, knocked corners, torn or dirty pages), broken or split parts, deformation or loss of the book block, if these damages were revealed after the book was handed over to the buyer.

It is unfortunate that you received a defective copy of the book when you purchased it.

Unfortunately, the printing process, like any manufacturing process, cannot avoid a minimum defect rate.

Please write to within 30 days of receiving the book and enclose photos of the defect and the page with the book’s imprint (obligatory – this is to inform the print shop). We will replace the book free of charge, including delivery.
The difference in design and layout of the book does not affect the quality of the book and is not a defect.

Your e-books are available in your personal account. If you don’t press the ‘sign out’ button, the site will remember you and authorisation will not be required on your next visit.

E-books that you have ever purchased from our online shop remain available for downloading in your personal cabinet. You only need to log in to the site from the device on which you plan to download them.

About Book Deliver

There are usually no restrictions (although there may be delays in delivery due to time constraints during a pandemic). However, if it suddenly turns out that shipping is not possible, we will offer you other options or give you your money back.

We can. But only until the order has been delivered to the postal service. Email us at , and we will check what we can do for you.

About corporate and wholesale purchasing

If you purchase books, both electronic and paper, by bank transfer, we will invoice you for payment. Some countries also require a contract for payment, which we can also prepare. E-books are not considered goods according to Polish law, so you will be invoiced for the service. Before buying a paper version, email us in advance at before you buy.
References to legislation:
Czynności podlegające opodatkowaniu VAT, których przedmiotem są książki, gazety, dzienniki i czasopisma, są opodatkowane VAT według stawki 5% lub 8% Zakres stosowania tych stawek wynika z art. 8 ust. 1 i 2 ustawy z 9.08.2019 r. o zmianie ustawy o podatku od towarów i usług oraz niektórych innych ustaw (Dz.U. poz. 1751) – dalej u.z.u.p.t.u.
Od 1.04.2020 r. zakres stosowania stawek VAT dla książek, gazet, dzienników i czasopism będzie wynikać z art. 41 ust. 2 w zw. z poz. 17, 18 i 72 załącznika nr 3 w zw. z art. 146aa ust. 1 pkt 2 ustawy z 11.03.2004 r. o podatku od towarów i usług (Dz.U. z 2021 r. poz. 685 ze zm.) – dalej u.p.t.u., oraz art. 41 ust. 2a w zw. z poz. 19, 20 i 24 załącznika nr 10 do u.p.t.u.
Czynności podlegające opodatkowaniu VAT, których przedmiotem są książki, są obecnie zawsze opodatkowane VAT według stawki 5% (na podstawie art. 41 ust. 2 w zw. z poz. 17, 18 i 72 załącznika nr 3 w zw. z art. 146aa ust. 1 pkt 2 u.p.t.u.). Dotyczy to również czynności polegających na dostarczaniu książek drogą elektroniczną.

We are always glad to mutually beneficial cooperation. Write to us by e-mail We will contact you and discuss options for cooperation.

About Consultations and Technical Support

This is normal. When you start a sales activity on Amazon, you are bound to encounter many organisational issues. That’s why we have prepared several support packages, which you will find in the Services section.

We will consider such a possibility on a case-by-case basis. The main difficulty with this support is that only you will have access to your Amazon SellerCentral account, and our specialists will not be able to set up a card, correct text in your absence, or start shipping.
If you’re short on time or resources, choose one of our support packages and we’ll be invisibly present at every transaction you make. We will communicate with you via e-mail. We’ll send you relevant recommendations while you edit using your Amazon SellerCentral account, which, of course, we don’t have access to.

Our company has been operating since 2015. We constantly perform these same services for our own needs: analysing products for saleability, producing packaging, ordering transport. We invite you to join our order volumes. That is why we guarantee the same high quality service for you as we do for our own purposes. The employees who will be working with you are qualified in the right areas.

If you are already actively sourcing goods for sale, you can start using analytical software packages from day one. However, the package costs money, and the developers only open up the most primitive functions for free. Purchasing a full package on a subscription basis costs between $50 and $100 per month. If you don’t want to pay this amount continuously until you really need the packages, our specialist can do the analysis for you for a reasonable fee. This procedure also makes sense if you don’t consider yourself sufficiently experienced in determining the saleability of a product.
The analysis of your proposed product will take a couple of days. Based on our report, you will then make an informed decision as to whether or not to contact the product in question.

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