Stop the war!

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Stop the war!

  • 01.03.2022

I haven’t been able to work for a week now. Not at all. I cannot take the events in the neighbouring country, brotherly Ukraine, without pain. Once upon a time, now in a past life, we often went there on holiday and just to travel, and each of our journeys was filled with bright sunshine, blue skies and plenty of yellow colour all around.

I distinctly remember the endless bright sunflower fields around the highway to Odessa. They went beyond the horizon and somewhere at one point merged with the sky. Looking into the distance I felt a sense of flight unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life, in any other country. You get out of the car and touch with your hands the thick, firm, juicy heads of sunflowers that turn towards the sun in late August. To where the light is. You want to glide over these fields on a hang-glider and devour at least a piece of this incredible beauty with your eyes. It is impossible to put it into words. But it’s the very picture depicted on the yellow and blue flag.

I love the wonderful Ukrainian cuisine, which is based on amazingly tasty fruit and vegetables. But it’s not so much the juicy tomatoes that make Ukrainian cuisine taste good, as the skilful hands of the hard-working people who inhabit this country.

Ukrainians are an incredibly kind and generous people. Everyone I have encountered has been ready to break down when they see that I have come with good intentions and am actively interested in their world.

We met one of my good friends, Taras from Lviv, by chance. I had a completely different website at the time, Taras read an article on it and decided to contact me via email. We called each other only a few times for consultations. Then one day he came to Minsk, where we lived at that time, and we met in person and drank all night long. I still remember the incredible experience of that visit.

A few more years have passed. Now I remember my shock from the Maidan. We were still living in Minsk. Back then, I could not work for several days and genuinely followed the events in the newsfeed. And in September 2014, I had the opportunity to fly to Lviv. Despite the fact that there was blatantly false information on TV from the opposite side, I did not want to be afraid. I was sure that there were no fascists there, only people who were fighting for their independence and for the right to live the way they wanted. Again, people you are genuinely interested in would never do you any harm.

I often think back to that trip. I didn’t have much time, and I wanted to see as much as I could. Of course, we visited the Shevchenkivskyi Hay Museum of Architecture and Life, the Chocolate Museum and the famous Kryivka. My friend Vladimir found the time to take me through the city and its dungeons, as only a man who was born and raised there and loves the city very much can do. I remember how we lingered in one of the churches. The Greek Catholic community gathered there on weekends, discussing their news and spending their free time with each other. Under the Communists there was a police gym there, but the church’s cellars have been filled in. The basement was excavated only in the nineties, and it turned out that hundreds of unhappy residents of Lviv found their last shelter in the dungeons. That’s when I felt cold. We were standing in the very same room where, only a few years ago, bones were lying, everything was covered with earth, and cops were playing basketball on the surface! And I had only one question in my mind: why does history teach mankind nothing?

How I wish I could rewind time and shout even louder. At all times there are lunatics who are able to lead the way with their ideas. Europe, the hardest hit by the war, has not heard the signals. And there have been more than enough signs in the last decade. The shows of Kiselyov, Solovyov, Malakhov. Degradation of the quality of Russian TV channels. And it is all due to the irremovability of the authorities.

But let’s get to the point. We all slept through fascism. Someone great (Churchill, I think) once said: “The fascists of the future will be those who today call themselves anti-fascists”. The Ukrainians were the first victim in 2014, but did not draw the right conclusions then and soon got bogged down in money matters. The Belarusians in August 2020 cried out to the world community, they were not heard. Civilian Belarusians were killed and raped, but Ukraine slept then and did not impose sanctions on Lukashenko. Ukraine still consumed 75% of the oil products sold by the fascist regime in Belarus. At the same time Russia was constantly pressuring neighbouring countries, and the general militarisation and change of tone of the propagandists was visible to the naked eye! Something had to happen. All those fucking St George’s ribbons, dressing children in military uniforms for parades, “grandfathers fought” on sticks, all sorts of immortal regiments were already giving reason to wonder in 2015. And if in the first act of the play there is a gun hanging on the wall, in the third act it will go off…

But you can’t take back what you had. Ukrainians, Poles, Europeans! I am addressing you. Ukrainians are fraternal people to the Belarusians. Do not mix up all the people in a common heap. Very few Belarusians support the aggression in Ukraine. I am sure that even if the bastard with a moustache announces a general mobilization, there will be very few Belarusians in the ranks of the invaders. And those who will come to Ukraine with weapons are not at all pitiable. They are the ones who were beating up defenceless demonstrators and justifying the usurpation of power. If they are gone, the Belarusians will only thank you!

It’s all the fault of the bastards who call themselves rulers. And even more to the fault of the indifferent and unthinking who are drugged by propaganda. So today, on March 1, 2022, I want to ask the fat ladies from the electoral commissions who rigged the election results, are you happy now? Where is all your stability? Will you be ready to receive a cargo of two hundred from the country you have invaded as uninvited guests? Will you realise that all these deaths are because of you and your indifference. Wasn’t that your “You know better than that” expression?

Your epiphany from the drug-induced stupefaction will be very difficult. But to hell with you. We will continue to help the people of Ukraine. Therefore, we officially announce that 20% of the purchase of any book, electronic or paper, made through this site, we will donate to ADDRESS CHARITY FOR UKRAINE. We will buy food, clothes, whatever you need, and pass the purchases on to our Ukrainian friends, who will deliver the aid to a specific address. That way we can all be sure it won’t end up on the market.

And may sunflowers bloom again in Ukraine against the bright August sky.
And “Russian ship, fuck you!”

Yours sincerely,
Sergiusz Woropaj