Amazon for Beginners


Stop the war!

  • 01.03.2022

  I haven’t been able to work for a week now. Not at all. I cannot take the events in…


Advice from Evgeny Chichvarkin: Сhoosing business partners

  • 20.02.2022

In business, as in life, nothing is more important than partners. The word refers not only to the founders, with…


Amazon for beginners: start your way in sales

  • 29.11.2021

Analyzing the letters that come to our e-mail, we noticed that readers ask the same clarifying questions. Therefore, we have…


From theory to practice, how to start trading on Amazon

  • 08.11.2021

Online sales have become a key way to market your product. In 2021 alone, e-commerce trade grew by 44% compared…


Amazon online store opened in Poland

  • 17.06.2021

News on the European market! Poland has finally got its own Amazon online store. In fact, Amazon has been present…


2021: New Terms of Use for Amazon

  • 16.06.2021

Since the beginning of May, new and revised Amazon Terms of Use have been in effect. The new version has…


A book never seen before on the market

  • 14.05.2021

Dear Readers!   We are pleased to inform you about the opening of our new resource, designed to support you…