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Package “AMZ Marketer, Advanced”

The extended marketing package includes assistance in filling out one card: drafting the text, checking it for relevance and indexing, layout. In addition, it includes the production of at least seven high-quality photos that beautifully and correctly serve the goods to a potential customer, including the title. You will need to send us a sample of your product and describe your wishes.
For a good photo shoot, the product may be disclosed and even damaged, so it is non-refundable.

It looks like this:

The text of the card must not only disclose the properties of the product, but must also be indexed correctly in the search engine.

You will receive a template that includes the name, five key properties of the product, as well as its description. Only the English language of the card design is available. Next, you can adjust, customize and refine it if you decide to change the properties of the product or the niche in which the product will be sold.

The photos are sent to the customer in JPG format, the source and intermediate files remain with the contractor.

All you have to do is log in to SellerCentral under your username, insert a description in the appropriate fields and save it.

Price on request