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Amazon для начинающих (RU). E-book

The e-book “Amazon для начинающих. Пошаговое руководство по созданию долгосрочной стратегии продаж“, Russian language version, is made in epub format.
The download link will appear in your personal account immediately after payment.

The book contains 61 colorful illustrations, The links to all the resources mentioned in the book that you will need to study.

To get acquainted with the table of contents and read several chapters, follow the link.

ISBN 978-5-6044238-2-0

EPub is a universal e-book format supported by software of different operating systems. Books in this format can be viewed on e-readers, smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops. A huge variety of mobile applications and desktop OS programs reads ePub file type. Thus, the book will always be with you.

To read it, you can use the following applications:

Apple Books – built-in macOS and iOS application.
Microsoft Edge is an application built into Windows 10.
Google Chrome – the most popular Google Chrome web browser does not have an ePub reader, but it can be easily organized by installing the EPUB Reader extension. Available here.
Sumatra PDF reader can be downloaded here. This is a powerful reader that does not take up much space
Icecream Ebook Reader is a functional reader with support for a large number of document and e-book formats and the ability to add files to an internal library. Available here.

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